Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Traffic, ISB and more

I have been admitted to the prestigious 1 year Post Graduate Program in Management at the Indian School of Business that starts in April 2010. It was a dream come true for me. I had applied in 2007 but was not even called for the interview. ISB had always been on my radar ever since it started its operations in Hyderabad, so I was disappointed at not making it in 2007. However, that turned out to be a blessing in disguise as in Oct 2007, I moved into a Solutions Architect role in the APAC region and learnt about Sales, presales, marketing, solution selling, engaging with CXOs, etc. Now I have a better understanding of the business of IT.

One of my goals at ISB would be to see how my time there can be used towards a more structured approach at solving traffic problems on Indian roads. I have already reached out to my classmates about doing something for traffic improvement in India and found that there are traffic engineers that have worked on real time traffic flow issues in the US that are part of the ISB class of 2011. This is good as  we can use their inputs to come up with (and implement) solutions.

I will also be working with the Right 2 Walk Foundation to make our roads safer for pedestrians. We are doing a membership drive for Right 2 Walk Foundation and I have already signed up about 10 members. If you are interested in joining the foundation, do leave a comment or send me an email and I will follow up with you.

Here's hoping that my time at ISB will help me in some way for traffic improvement in India.


Madhumita said...

hey sameer,
do fwd me that link please.


Deepika said...

After a day out on the Hyderabad Roads, I couldn't stop wondering how the traffic enforcement in such a major city could so easily be neglected.
I'm curious how you plan to make a structured approach to resolve this issue.
My email ID's attached,

Sameer said...

Hi Deepika

I can't seem to find your email id. Please share your email or make your blogger profile public so that I can pick it up from there.


Bala Subramanyam said...

my name is Balu. Am working on making a documentary on Traffic system in hyd, and found your link.. may be you could help us with your information
my email
please write me back

Usha Raman said...

Hi. I happened to be behind a car this morning and I saw the bumper sticker that said "free the left lane"--I think it's a brilliant idea--the blog and the message! I'd like to buy the sticker--is it for sale? I'm passionate about the city and life in it, and particularly about keeping things accessible to all people, not just those who whiz about rudely on the roads in huge cars. So count me in on any public awareness/civic engagement work you need volunteers for!